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Slow day at the winter meetings

Pittsburgh Pirates v St Louis Cardinals Photo by Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Not much happening at the winter meetings today, Pirates-wise, or at least not so far.

This is no surprise, but Neal Huntington continued to make it clear that he’s perfectly satisfied with baseball’s third-worst offense. He sees the only issue at third base as being David Freese’s unsuitability for every day play rather than the need to upgrade the team’s anemic offense.

“Between Frazier, Harrison, Moroff, Freese and Sean, we believe that we can more than complement David and give him the down time that he needs to remain fresh and strong.”

Huntington wouldn’t rule out the possibility of making a trade or free agent signing,

“But Frazier being back in the infield mix and Rodriguez coming off a baseball offseason, we look forward to seeing what they are and where they’re going to be,” Huntington said.

So, apparently, in order to improve on their 75-win showing in 2017, the Pirates don’t need better players. They need more of the type of players who produced 75 wins. If you divide one position among five one-WAR players, you get five extra wins. I didn’t know that until now.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals, who had an above-average offense this year, are interested in Manny Machado and are the favorites for Marcell Ozuna. But they only won 83 games, so what do they know?