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A few more rumors for Tuesday

Chicago Cubs v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

Teams obviously are checking in with the Pirates, especially on Gerrit Cole.

The Orioles seem to be in a rather schizophrenic mood, as they’re also shopping Manny Machado. The list of interested teams also includes the Rangers as well as the Yankees, who still seem like the best match due to their depth in high-ceiling prospects. There’s a bit of schizophrenia where Cole is concerned, too. Most of the comments I’ve seen have suggested the Pirates aren’t interested in moving him, but then there’s this:

Maybe the most interesting item today so far is this one (well, two):

The Brewers won 86 games last year, and Cole and Harrison would both be major upgrades for them. They have a bunch of good outfield bats in the upper minors.

In pitching news, Neal Huntington suggested Tyler Glasnow could open the season in the bullpen. This is just in line with what he said before about Steven Brault, but this time he connected Glasnow’s name to the idea. Although I’ve always liked the idea of “weaverizing” young starters, I’m not sure how great an idea it is. My recollection Glasnow’s handful of semi-passable starts early last year was that he’d manage to survive the first inning, then get in a groove for a few innings. Pitching in short outings might just make things worse. Then again, it’s hard to see any point at all in him facing AAA hitters any more.

UPDATE: Just to add one more:

Assuming the Phillies wouldn’t part with Cesar Hernandez, or wanted too much, out of the rest I’d take JHay.