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Bob Nutting has no interest in selling the Pirates

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images

Bob Nutting gave an interview to the Trib in which he said . . . basically nothing. At least so far; apparently, there’s more to come later. This should be completely unsurprising, especially with Derek Jeter no longer available to bring his PR genius to Pittsburgh, but here it is anyway:

“No one has approached us (about selling),” Nutting said. “I haven't heard any rumor. I haven't had any discussion. I'm not aware of any buyer. And I have no interest in selling the team.”

Nutting’s goal, which has been stated previously, is to pass the team on to his daughters and create a Rooney-style dynasty.

And there’s this:

Compared to two years ago, local television ratings are down 45 percent and attendance at PNC Park is off by 23 percent.

“There certainly are some big decisions that need to be made, but (that's the case) after every major league season,” Nutting said. . . .

“Does it mean we need to be honest, reassess and chart a clear path for 2018, '19, '20 and beyond? Absolutely. That's a process that's still developing.”

Don’t you love interviews where the subject both asks and answers the questions?