MVP Polanco

This will be the year that Polanco hits for average, power (25+ dingers) and establishes himself as a plus defender in LF.

I am looking for an 850 OPS from EL Coffee. This is the the year that Polanco begins to be compared to Dave Parker another Pirate MVP and physically imposing 5 tool player. Unlike Parker, Polanco is a lefty and a left fielder but the hype, the ability to fulfill the hype, the physical stature and the ability to field, to hit for power, and hit for average is Parker-esque.

When Parker came up to the Pirates he was known as the second fastest player in the Pirate org behind Miguel Dilone. Weight gain and knee issues eroded his speed during his career. The point is Polanco is very fast like Parker was.

Jameson Tailion's 18 wins and 200 innings place him second for team MVP.

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