Cole is MVP

Let's put it this way, if you can think of one player that it's most important that he have a good season this year, it's Cole. Last year's demise was due mostly to the failure of the rotation. Niese and Vogey were poor choices by NH. Locke was Locke, but Frankie and Cole were the biggest disappointments in terms of expectations. Only Cole's left from that group. He joins Taillon, Nova, Kuhl, and whoever wins #5. There is alot of pressure on that collective group because how goes the rotation is probably how goes the Bucs '17. The most pressure is on Cole because he's expected to be the ace again.

His health is important. If he isn't healthy, it could be another rough season for him (and the Bucs) again. If healthy, he needs to return to his '15 form. A bounceback from him is more more important than Cutch's (alot more actually). I'm not confident Cole will rebound all the way back, but for the Bucs sake I sure hope he does.

I predict he puts up stats reflective of his career avg. for a full season. In over 200 innings, he goes 17-10 with a 3.23 ERA and 1.2 WHIP and hits the 200K mark.

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