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Pirate City on a quieter day

The big league team has moved to McKechnie Field (yeah, I know, and I don’t care). Minor league camp officially opens March 5, but there are quite a few minor leaguers there now. The minor league exhibitions run from March 15-31. Many of the rookie-level players, though, won’t report until early April.

Yeudy Garcia

Garcia’s once-upper-90s fastball was down in the low-90s last year and, once the season was over, he went to Pittsburgh to have his shoulder examined. He said at the time that it had bothered him all year. There have never been any updates, but Garcia apparently is fine now.

Mitch Keller

Garcia and Keller were both throwing with this contraption behind the plate:

We don’t need no sinkin’ Jerry Meals

I don’t know exactly what sorts of data this device produces. The Pirates are clearly interested in spin rates, among many other things.

Ke’Bryan Hayes
Wyatt Mathisen

As I mentioned the other day, Hayes and Mathisen are both noticeably leaner this year.

Kevin Kramer
Trae Arbet