Per Charlie's prompt.....84 wins in 2017

There is sill a big gap in needed wins out of the rotation, as compared to the teams they will be going head-to-head with for playoff spots (and with the Cubs, likely only a wildcard possibility, if that). 10-11 WAR/wins from the starting rotation

Outfield will be among the best in baseball, meaningfully improved with the recent position changes. 11 wins

Catching will be fine, and we will see some more power back with Cervelli. 2.5 wins

Bullpen will be fine once they move one of Bastardo or Watson (and if they have the luxury of NOT having to give Hughes a spot), plenty of good choices to field 7 really good relievers. 1-2 wins

Infield is, of course, a big question mark.....3B, where will Kang's head be at? SS....Jordy's numbers getting more pedestrian each year, he has to come out of the chute really hot offensively or it will be a dead zone.

2B - some debate here...I believe JHay will continue to disappoint, and it will eventiually be handed to Frazier, with JHay traded or movedback to a utility role for balance of the season.

And...1B. WHAT will JBell look like in the field? How hard can this be haha? If he's still here on OD - and can field! - he could swing this from a 1 WAR position to a 4-5 WAR one. I think he'll hit really well, and I also think Jaso will. I think Freese will not look very good offensively at all, but it will be nice to have him as a safety net at 1B, 3B & 2B, with an occasional PH spot.

Overall infield & bench - 10-11 wins.

At 84-ish wins, they will miss the playoffs. And I sincerely believe that if they add a top/near-top of the rotation starter - at this point, that's just Jose Quintana - they will immediately add enough direct and trickle-down wins thru the rotation to swing them back into the playoffs, putting them north of 88 wins and into a wildcard.

Just comes down to that for me...with Quintana in this rotation (meaning Nova is #4, Glasnow/Kuhl maybe a split #5), they make the wildcard. Without him, they're out.

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