Brace Yourselves: Hot Takes Are Coming 2017 Season Prediction

It's that time again.


Prediction: 91 wins...

Here's my simple explanation, in 3 categories (The Good, The Bad, and the Surprising)

The Good:

1. Cutch will return to All Star level play, and WILL NOT be shopped in trades

2. Gerrit Cole will return to Ace level

3. The rest of the rotation (except for Nova) will pitch great:

I envision:

Taillon and Kuhl with sub-3.50 ERAs, and a combination of Brault, Williams and Brandon Cumpton will give the Pirates a respectable 4th starter, allowing Nova's slight disappointment to make him a good #5 starter

The Bad

1. Ivan Nova will pitch to a 4.20 ERA (he he he).

2. The bullpen will not be as strong as in previous years

3. Tyler Glasnow will continue to have growing pains, and will spend the majority of the year striking out and walking everyone in AAA

The Surprising

1. Jung Ho will be ready to go for Opening Day and will get his act together

2. Alen Hanson will take the 2B job from Josh Harrison, allowing Harrison to become a super UT around the whole field

3. Drew Hutchison will pitch at least 1 inning in the major leagues this year where he allows zero runs.

Also, Pirates will re-acquire Pedro Alvarez and Travis Snider in July. Snider will pitch from the bullpen, while Alvarez will be used as the backup 3B/1B to replace an injured David Freese. These pickups will prove crucial in the 2017 World Series when Pedro hits an 8th inning pinch hit home run off of bcmferren's favorite CC Sabathia; followed by a 1-2-3 all strikeouts save by Travis Snider, striking out Matt Holliday, Didi Gregorius and Mike Trout (yankee deadline deal pickup) to defeat the New York Yankees and bring home the World Series Trophy!

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