85 wins.

Just enough to miss the 2nd WC, all the more painful as Bucs lose 6 of final 7 games.

Cole is average. Taillon is better. Nova regresses a bit, but still a solid 3. Back end is a rotating mess of slop punctuated by enough bright moments that fans get suckered in on upside discussions.

The OF compiles a 12 WAR. Marte 5.2, Cutch 4.4, Polanco 2.4, leading to a push to extend Cutch and trade Polanco. Meadows shows himself to be an immediate star.

Bell puts up decent numbers and turns out to be adequate in the field. Harrison improves to 3 WAR. Mercer has a Mercer season, Kang declines and Freese doesn't help one iota in picking up the slack. Cervelli and Stewart remain competent, but no threat to be voted into the ASG.

The bullpen is strong throughout the summer, but implodes with increasing frequency come September.

This becomes Hurdle's last season at the helm.

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