pirates 87 wins

cubs 95
cards 83

Pgh's 87 wins will be enough to sneak into that 2nd wildcard spot (just behind the Mets). The Pirates go into Queens and win that WC game, and then squeak by the Dodgers to reach the NLCS vs. the Cubs. Pgh wins the NLCS in 6 games. Goin' to the World Series, baby.

The new OPTIMAL outfield alignment will be yuge, flipping Pgh's defense to the positive side of the ledger & boosting team pitching results significantly.

Bell will struggle both offensively & defensively, and will end up playing as much OF as 1B. Taillon will win 15 games.

Glasnow will win 10+ games & become a devastating Andrew Miller-like bullpen contributor in the playoffs. Nova will win 12+ games and eat innings.

Rivero will be the closer by August. Hudson will be good-not-great as a set-up RP. Watson will be traded for a couple of low-level prospects.

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