I'm going with 70-92 record.

It just feels like 2017 is going to be a huge disaster of a season for this team.

Here's who I think will be on the starting roster and pitching staff in Washington on October 1st:

C: Cervelli

1B: Bell

2B: Newman

SS: Mercer

3B: Kang

RF: Meadows

CF: Marte

LF: Polanco

SP: Cole

SP: Taillon

SP: Nova

SP: Glasnow

SP: Kingham

CL: Rivero

I think that while the position players and starting pitchers will be ok, the bullpen is going to get destroyed a lot leading to 92 losses. I think that McCutchen and Watson will both be traded after both do well in the first half. By some miracle Harrison gets off to a good start and the Pirates trade him early on to dump salary, Jared Hughes will be gone by the end of the season too. Kuhl will begin the year as a starter but be sent to the pen after Kingham takes his spot.

Overall I think I might enjoy the season more than the 2016 season because I won't have to see the names Locke or Vogelsong on the back of a jersey at all. And that can be nothing but a good thing. But by seasons end, I'm pretty sure we will want to do some sort of mass execution of the relief staff.

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