87 wins

And tied for the second WC with St. Louis, necessitating a one-game playoff in St. Louis with Gerrit Cole facing off against Carlos Martinez, and the winner going to SF for a date with MadBum (but SF only wins the WC if MadBum is in the HR Derby). Now taking the questions one by one:

1) The outfield alignment will help the staff; hell, it can't hurt getting Cutch out of CF. He'll be ok in RF, even with his arm. Marte will be very good/great in CF, and Polanco will be good in left. I really think this is the best alignment they could have with the current personnel.

2) I think JT will continue to be effective, although that will be tempered somewhat by a stern innings watch, with him ending around 160. Bell...I think he'll hit. But until he proves he isn't Pedro 2.0 in the field, I think his value will be severely limited.

3) and 4) These are related; I think Glasnow will start the season in Indy, to work out the kinks. I think he'll be up in June at some point (someone will get hurt, they always do) and he'll end up staying as he's...effective, but not a worldbeater. Nova will be solid, but not with the absurd control he showed last year.

5), 6) and 7) These are related as well. I think Rivera makes strong gains and is their best bullpen piece. Hudson will be solid, and a decent reclamation piece, but not great. Better than Feliz, but not much. I think Watson struggles initially, and finds his groove. However, I think the Bucs scuffle and are around .500 when the deadline rolls around and he's flipped at the deadline for a Rivera-like return from an AL team. The Bucs then flip the script, get hot late, and tie for the second WC.

Other notes: I think Cutch rebounds to be roughly a four-win player. Kang and Marte provide about the same value. The big leap is taken by Polanco who ends up being a 5-6 win player. The Bucs start slow and weather some injuries (Cervelli has avoided serious injury for far too long, he's overdue). I think the pitching staff benefits from no disasters (Niese, Liriano, Locke, Vogey) and just limits the holes. Cole rebounds, although not to his 2015 level, he's still the best one they have.

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