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Tyler Glasnow gets tagged in nightmare inning, Pirates lose, 11-4

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This one was going alright for a few minutes, actually.

The Pirates got a hit bright and early in the first inning. Actually, even better, they scored a run!

Tyler Glasnow looked functional, particularly in the case of Tyler Glasnow, is a crucial step towards being good.

Then, in the third inning, the roof caved in on Glasnow.






Another single

Hey, a fielder's choice

Another homer

The gangly personification of our hopes and dreams, Glasnow was tagged for seven runs. He got just the one out in the third. The Pirates went on to lose to the Diamondbacks, 11-4.

If, being a Friday, you were  relieved you would watch an entire late-night game without repercussion the next morning, you may have just switched to Netflix or the NBA or NHL playoffs. Maybe you went to bed anyway. Or worse -- maybe you just watched anyway.

Glasnow, if anything, even though he walked the pitcher, was around the strike zone too much. Chris Iannetta pounded a center-cut fastball for a home run to center field to lead off the bottom of the third. Neither Glasnow nor catcher Chris Stewart was happy with the ball-four call to Patrick Corbin. I could psychoanalyze Glasnow, noting that he looked particularly upset and showed a little more emotion than I'm used to, starting with this bad break. (OK, I guess I just did, at least a little.) But I really don't know what was going on in his head, and I don't want to pretend I do.

If for some reason you weren't yet aware that major league hitters can pound 97 miles per hour, particularly if it's straight and down the middle, the D-backs and Glasnow drove this point home with a parade of hits. Brandon Drury's three-run homer was the final blow.

Gregory Polanco had a couple hits; that was neat. His RBI double in the first told us fools that tonight might not be so bad.

Josh Bell cranked a homer in the fourth. He did it right-handed, giving him three from each side of the plate this season, certainly a nice thing to see from a guy frequently dogged by struggles as a righty in the minors. Get him and, dare I say it, Polanco going with some legitimate hitters back to complement them and we might have a little something going.

Josh Lindblom ate 3 2-3 innings. It's nice having a couple veterans whose last names begin with L to chew up garbage innings. I guess that's a positive in a weird way. Johnny Barbato pitched a couple innings but hit Iannetta in the face, which was not good.

The Pirates have lost six in a row.