MLB draft mocks

The MLB draft is only a month away, and,given that the baseball gods have unanimously decided to crap all over the season for the big league club,it might be a welcome diversion to think about what might happen. The Pirates have a chance to restock the system with this draft, as thanks to the disaster that was last season as well as some other factors, they are drafting early and often. Their picks through the first two rounds are at 12, 42, 50, and 72. So, who might they get? I suspect that the greatest interest will be on that first pick, as it is premium. I just checked some mocks to see who might be there for them. A cautionary note: mock drafts have a kind of group think associated with them. I expect at least one or two surprise picks in the top 12, but they at least give an idea of who might be there when the Bucs pick.

No chance - these players were chosen before 12 in all mocks I looked at (16 in all). Level and position are in parentheses.

H Greene (HS P), B. McKay (C 1B), R. Lewis (HS SS), JB Bukauskas (C P), A. Faedo (C P), J Kendall (C CF)

Both McKay and Greene are two way players, draftable as both hitters and pitchers. They are the consensus top two picks, in either order, with McKay being slightly favored due to the risk associated with high school pitchers. Of these, the one I consider most likely to fall to 12 is Kendall.

Unlikely- these players were chosen in at least 3/4 of the mocks.

K Wright (C P), M Gore (HS P), P Smith (C 1B), J Adell (HS OF)

Of these, I think Wright is very unlikely, even maybe more so than Kendall. He would be a safe pick. Adell might be there, but he is very risky. He is a better athlete than ballplayer at this point, but the upside if there.

So, who was predicted to go to the Bucs? In order of frequency the selections were:

  1. K Hiura - 5 times - (C IF)
  2. N Pratto - 3 times - (HS 1B)
  3. Hans Crouse - 2 times - (HS P)
  4. P Smith - (C 1B)
  5. A Haseley - (C OF)
  6. S Carlson (HS P)
  7. DL Hall (HS P)
  8. A Beck (HS OF)
  9. S Baz (HS P)
I would be thrilled with Beck, but consider him the least likely to get to 12. Hiura is interesting. I listed him as an infielder, but he hasn't played in the field this year due to injury. His position might be be described as 'professional hitter'. Of the high school pitchers, Hall is the only lefty. Carlson is interesting as he is from Minnesota, and northern state players typically aren't drafted as high. The three righties are all tall and projectable, and the Pirates seem to favor such players.

Of course, a month can be a long time in the draft world, and things may change, although probably not dramatically at this point. Two names that are interesting for the later picks would be Seth Romero, a college pitcher who has been kicked off his team several times - allegedly due to drugs, although that is not confirmed. He was likely a top 20 pick before all the trouble. Mark Vientos gets a lot of press down here as probably the best prep player in Florida, He plays short, but is very big and may not be destined to stay there.

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