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BD community guidelines - request for comments

MLB: Cleveland Indians at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

As we’ve discussed in a couple places recently, I’ve drafted some guidelines for Bucs Dugout. They can be found at the “Library” tab near the top of the home page, or just go here. At the bottom of the page you’ll find a few FAQ-type entries. We’d like to hear any comments or suggested additions any of you might have.

Nothing in there is especially radical. SBN already has commenting guidelines that apply across all sites. The BD guidelines are just intended to expand on the SBN ones a little, as there’s naturally some room for interpretation. Doing BD-specific guidelines also seemed like a good opportunity to solicit input from members here about the standards we should have.

I really want to emphasize one distinction here: Some of these guidelines are prohibitions, as in, don’t do it or there will be consequences. It shouldn’t be any surprise that things like slurs, threats, etc., aren’t permitted. But some of the guidelines are just things we’d like you to bear in mind when posting. Flareups of various sorts are going to happen. I have a great deal of faith in this community to step back when needed and ultimately to get over it when things get testy. I don’t see a need to have comment police and I’m not going to do it. I’d prefer to have a set of general principles that members here find appropriate and that may serve as reminders. Hence the request for comments.

You’ll notice I included a request that profanity be limited to gamethreads. That’s open for discussion. Limiting it to gamethreads is done at some SBN sites and others ban it entirely. (SBN’s guidelines permit it but ask that it be kept to a minimum, while leaving it up to individual sites to be stricter if they wish.) Another potential subject for discussion is the posting of racy images. Again, I’d just like to see whether there’s some sort of consensus that we can agree on.

I’d also like to get suggestions on FAQ-type, or “how-to,” information. I included only a few things at the end of the document because it’s all I could think of, but I’m happy to add any information that would be helpful. This should maybe be a separate document, but at this point I didn’t think I had enough to justify that.

Ultimately, I want to develop a BD wiki or lexicon. What I have in mind is something like the old Baseball Primer wiki, if you were familiar with that site. (The basic idea is to have a place newbies can go to find out what “Sale the team” means, or what’s up with all the Mercer trade ideas.) I’m going to post a request for suggestions later, so save your ideas for that.