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Game Thread: Trevor Williams to open series vs. Phillies

Pittsburgh Pirates v Los Angeles Dodgers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

So you need two corner outfielders. Your options, realistically, are Adam Frazier (who is actually good), John Jaso (the apple of your eye, who hit a homer yesterday), Jose Osuna and Danny Ortiz.

What’ll it be?

Osuna and Ortiz, or course.

The full lineups:


  1. Cesar Hernandez, 2B
  2. Daniel Nava, RF
  3. Aaron Altherr, LF
  4. Tommy Joseph, 1B
  5. Odubel Herrera, CF
  6. Maikel Franco, 3B
  7. Freddy Galvis, SS
  8. Cameron Rupp, C
  9. Jeremy Hellickson, P

— — —


  1. Josh Harrison, 2B
  2. Josh Bell, 1B
  3. Andrew McCutchen, CF
  4. David Freese, 3B
  5. Francisco Cervelli, C
  6. Jose Osuna, RF
  7. Danny Ortiz, LF
  8. Jordy Mercer, SS
  9. Trevor Williams, P