Why I became a Pirates Fan.

I was actually a big Mets fan as a kid. We got in channel nine and my transistor radio picked up the games really clear living close by in CT. At the age of ten it all changed when I heard about Clementes plane going down. I was touched that a star could care so much about poor people, to sacrifice New Year's Eve, and as it turned out his life. Well I vowed to become a Bucs fan and also borrowed Stargells windmill batting stance in 'LL. I was a toothpick so it must have looked ridiculous. So I lived it up in 1979 and as a grown man, hurt like a small child when Bream scored. I took my kids to PNC twice on an eight hour road trip and they were two of the best times of my life. Now they are in college, have no interest in taking that car ride. Still I like to think someday when I'm gone and the Bucs win a World Series, they will remember going to PNC Park with their dad.

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