Why I'm a Pirates Fan

It was October 1971 and I was ten years old when my parents took me to see my newly born cousin in Schenectady NY. When I entered the house my Uncle Larry was watching a baseball game on TV and I asked him what he was watching. He told me he was watching the World Series game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Pittsburgh Pirates. I had never watched a baseball game before and I asked him who he wanted to win. He replied "I’m rooting for the Orioles, the Pirates are the Underdog" Well I didn’t know what he meant by "Underdog" Underdog to me was a cool cartoon that I was used to watching, with the famous theme song "speed of lightning roar of thunder". I immediately told him that I was going to root for the Pirates Underdog team. He went on to tell me some of the players names like Roberto Clemente, Willy Stargell and the pitcher Steve Blass. Well the Pirates won the game that day and went on to win the 1971 world series and I have been a fan ever since. I lived in Syracuse NY and was able to pick up KDKA at night and would sit in our kitchen for hours straining to hear the game as the signal would invariably fad in and out. My father thought I was crazy and would occasional mock me because the didn’t like baseball or football. He was a huge soccer fan. When the Pirates won the world series again against the Orioles in 1979 I taped the sports headlines on our front door in answer to my father mocking the Pirates being down 3 games to 1… I told him that they were going to come back and win the world series and they did. Now that I’m older I make a yearly pilgrimage to PNC park every year with my sons to see a game. Its the highlight of our summer and my whole family are Pirates fans now.

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