Why I am a fan

Growing up in Virginia in the 90's, the Pirates had just began their losing streak. Having the majority of my family live in Pittsburgh and visiting many times I was essentially born into being a Pirates fan. Growing up I loved the Pirates and really enjoyed watching Greg Maddux and the Braves on TBS. As a kid, I quickly fell in love with the game spending my summers playing the game, collecting baseball cards (I had a massive collection) and playing Griffery Jr baseball on my Nintendo 64. No matter how bad the Pirates were I still followed and took every loss hard. I learned to just enjoy the individual achievements like a Giles home run. It wasn't until high school were my love for the team really began to develop. I started following the prospects more and more of the financial side to the game. Having a drivers licence allowed me to start going to the games in DC on a regular basis every time the Bucs came to town. After graduating in 2006, I very rarely missed watching a game. Fast forward a few years to 2012 when I discovered Bucs Dugout. The Pirates were showing signs of improvement and I was really able to learn so much from the community here for the past five years. I learned way more about Sabermetrics and the fiscal side of the game than I have ever anticipated. The community of Bucs Dugout has really made me into so much more of a bigger fan and I really want to thank everyone here that contributes in the community for making me really love the Bucs even more to this day. Win or lose, Go Bucs!

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