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Hello Bucs Dugout

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll cut to the chase: Starting now, Eli Nellis and I will be jointly managing Bucs Dugout. I have just a few thoughts to set out here, and Eli will be adding his own shortly.

First of all, I suppose it’s fitting to have two people taking over for Charlie. That’s a good indication of anybody’s odds in trying to duplicate what he’s done here. Or maybe that’s not even the right way to think of it, because obviously we can’t “replace” Charlie.

What we can do is try to extend what the site already has, “a Pittsburgh Pirates community,” as the subheading up top says. Personally, I see “community” as a fitting term, because what really drives this site in my view is the ongoing discussion that takes place here every day, a discussion that has a lot of contributors. When any of us is frustrated by the inevitable disagreements over this or that, it’s not a bad idea to remember the screamfest that much of the rest of the internet has become. It should make us appreciate what Charlie has accomplished here. In that sense, he’s done the hard work, and Eli and I just need to figure out how to keep yinz here.

As to what you can expect . . . hopefully, not all that much in the way of change. In fact, concern about not wanting the site to change much was specifically a major part of my thinking, and I believe Eli’s, too, in proposing the arrangement we did to SBN. I really can’t think of any dramatic improvements that we could make. So the obvious things — game threads, recaps, David Manel’s pieces from PNC, news items — will continue. I’ll continue with the minor league summary. We expect to continue providing analytical posts and other items to spur the discussion. And, of course, we’re open to suggestions.

And I want to add my thanks to the many others Charlie has received, both for establishing and building this community, and specifically for inviting me, years ago, to start posting stories. It’s an opportunity I’ve enjoyed greatly, and Eli and I hope to find others who enjoy it just as much.