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PNC Park to host West Virginia-Penn State game

Chris Chambers/Getty Images

This came out a while back, but I thought it was pretty neat.

The West Virginia and Penn State baseball teams will play each other at PNC Park on Wednesday night.

I don't know how well this will do this time -- a Penguins game 7 at the same time won't help -- but I enjoy this kind of stuff a lot. One of the main reasons I stayed a Pirates fan through some pitiful years growing up was that I just really, really liked baseball in almost all forms. I'm not a really close follower of the college game these days, but I was a regular at Penn State games as a student and try to hit up a Pitt game every now and then.

Some cursory googling tells me Pitt and Duquesne played each other at PNC Park for a few years. Duquesne dropped its baseball program in 2010.

Personally, I would enjoy if this could turn into an annual thing. This one developed as a make-up game. Pitt certainly has some interesting ACC opponents come through Oakland, the same with WVU in the Big 12, and even the Big Ten has its moments. I don't know how eager those programs would be to move their biggest attractions out of their home yards, but this is certainly nice as far as Pittsburgh being more well-rounded baseball town.