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Pirates reportedly sign sixth-round pick Cody Bolton

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at San Diego Padres Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

According to a report published in The Record, a local newspaper from Stockton, California, the Pirates have agreed to terms with sixth-round draft pick Cody Bolton. There had been speculation that Bolton, a right-handed high school pitcher from nearby Tracy High School, might be difficult to sign due to a scholarship at the University of Michigan, but it appears that an agreement for what Bolton termed “a pretty decent number” is in place only hours after his selection in today’s draft.

The article by Thomas Lawrence does not list a bonus for Bolton, but it indicates that Bolton had hoped to be selected “before the seventh round,” which may suggest that Bolton will receive slot money or something close to it. The slot value for the 178th overall pick this year is $255,900. Lawrence states that the exact details of the bonus “will be released within the next week or so via Baseball America”.

Bolton is quoted as praising the Pirates for having “a really good history of working with high school pitchers these past couple years,” a belief which no doubt played a role in his decision to turn pro.