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MLB Draft 2017: Pirates announce two more signings

St Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

The Pirates announced two additional draft-pick signings from Tuesday, second-round pick Calvin Mitchell and Compensation Round B pick Conner Uselton.

MLB Pipeline’s Jim Callis reports Mitchell signed for $1,357,300, which is slot value for the pick (50th overall), and Uselton inked for $900,000, $96,000 over his slot (72nd).

Callis also reported eighth-rounder Blake Weiman’s bonus was $150,000, which is $10,700 under slot.

Pirates Prospects’ draft tracker (sub) estimates the Pirates are $360,600 under their total bonus pool, with that money available for further over-slot bonuses.

Second-round pick (42nd overall) Steven Jennings appears to be headed to Pittsburgh, presumably to sign:

Outside of Jennings, the Pirates’ only unsigned picks from the first 10 rounds are third-rounder Dylan Busby, who is playing in the College World Series with Florida State, and sixth-rounder Cody Bolton, who is reported to be signing.