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Pirates sign third round draft pick Dylan Busby

MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates have signed (sub. req’d) third baseman Dylan Busby, whom they selected in the third round of the MLB draft. They drafted Busby as a junior out of Florida State. They have now signed 35 of their 42 picks and all of their top 13, covering the first 11 rounds.

Busby’s calling card is power. He slugged .597 in both his sophomore and junior seasons, with 14 and 15 HRs, respectively. He also hit for very good power in the wood-bat Cape Cod League. The power comes with a lot of swing and miss, as he struck out in just over a quarter of his ABs in each season. At least some scouts think he can stick at third, but the power, if it translates to the pros, would play at first or in right.

Busby’s bonus amount is unknown as yet. The slot for the pick is $626,600. Assuming Busby signed for more or less the slot amount, the Pirates should be able to spend several hundred thousand above the slot amount on other picks without losing a draft pick. The slot for all their remaining selections is $125,000.

UPDATE: Busby signed for slightly under slot: