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Gamethread: Land of the Free, But Not the Home of the Braves, Because It's Colorado

Patrick Gorski-USA TODAY Sports

Game thread! Get your game thread here! Not like yesterday's game thread - this one hasn't been played yet!

At 3:10 this afternoon, the Pirates will try to climb back above .500, sending Ivan Nova out against Rockies rookie Kyle Freeland. Two teams will enter, and two teams will leave... but only one will leave victorious.


Marte, LF
Harrison, 2B
McCutchen, CF
Freese, 3B
Bell, 1B
Osuna, RF
Cervelli, C
Mercer, SS
Nova, P

Blackmon, CF
LeMahieu, 2B
Arenado, 3B
Reynolds, 1B
Desmond, LF
Gonzalez, RF
Story, SS
Hanigan, C
Freeland, P