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Ask BD: Trade chips and trade targets

MLB: Oakland Athletics at New York Mets Andy Marlin-USA TODAY Sports

Installment #3:

odds of trading the following players:


most likely minor leaguer to get moved in PBC system?


Just for fun:

Cutch < 5%
Cole < 1%
Nicasio 10%
Watson 30%
Freese 20%
Jaso 20% (trade), 10% (DFA)
Harrison < 1%
Cervelli 0%

The prospects most likely to get moved, I think, are the ones either on the 40-man roster or eligible for the Rule 5 draft after the season. That would include:

Steve Brault
Clay Holmes
Dovydas Neverauskas
Eric Wood
Eduardo Vera
Luis Escobar
Adrian Valerio
Tyler Eppler
Dario Agrazal
Jake Brentz
Alex McRae

I’ve left off guys I just don’t think they’ll trade, based on trade value vs. value to the Pirates. Edgar Santana would be one example. I also left out players I don’t think would have any value, like Wyatt Mathisen or Yeudy Garcia. The Pirates are going to need to clear out some talent prior to the Rule 5 draft because I don’t see how they can find roster space for all the players who ought to be protected. (I’ll write something more comprehensive on this pretty soon.) All of the above guys, while not top prospects (except arguably Brault), strike me as players who’d be useful in a deal for a rental, like JaCoby Jones was. Brault, Holmes and Escobar, in particular, seem like pretty good trade chips to me.

Will you answer my question?

Charlie never answered my questions.

Posted by Joe Bagofdonuts


If the Bucs are buyers, what position(s) will they look to target the most?

Starting pitching, relief pitching, 3B, outfield, or bench option given the prospect price of each?

Posted by Joe9195

I think relievers are by far the most likely target and starters the least. I also don’t think they need a bench player, they need somebody to upgrade 3B (or 2B, with Harrison moving over) so Freese can go back to the bench. Adding a bench piece just solidifies Freese in the starting lineup, which is a bad thing. So I’d rank 3B/2B second after the bullpen.

Outfield is interesting because the Pirates seemingly are about to give us an answer by calling up Jordan Luplow. I’ll be glad to see that happen, but it shouldn’t foreclose the possibility of trading for an outfielder. I’ve read repeatedly that it’s a buyer’s market for outfielders, with guys like Curtis Granderson and Jay Bruce being obvious trade possibilities yet receiving little or no interest. The Pirates desperately need offensive upgrades (not that I’m convinced Granderson would be one) and Luplow may or may not provide that.