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Drew Hutchison outrighted to Indianapolis

MLB: Cincinnati Reds at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

According to the team’s web site, the Pirates have outrighted right-hander Drew Hutchison to AAA. Obviously, that means he cleared waivers.

Some fans may or may not remember, but the Pirates acquired Hutchison in an obscure trade from some place in Canada, aided by the lack of a border wall. According to GM Neal Huntington, the team had been desperate to acquire him for years, so desperate that they immediately assigned him to Indianapolis. Hutchison surprised everybody by pitching exactly the way his track record suggested he’d pitch for a season and a third. The Pirates were so desperate to justify the trade that they didn’t call him up in September of this year.

Hutchison is eligible for salary arbitration, which probably explains this move. He’s played eight professional seasons, so he’ll be eligible for minor league free agency after the World Series.