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Report: Pirates trade Gerrit Cole to Astros (Update: No deal)

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MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Paul Morosi is reporting on Twitter that a trade that would send Pirates starting pitcher Gerrit Cole to the Astros is “imminent”. No information is currently available about a possible return, though Jeff Passan had mentioned Derek Fisher, Kyle Tucker, and Forest Whitley as possible inclusions in another tweet two days ago. This post will be updated when more information is available. Until then, please do your civic duty as baseball fans and engage in wild speculation.

Update: Morosi is now reporting that the deal is official.

Update (2): Here’s Jeff Passan saying the deal isn’t quiiiiiiiite there yet. Make of this what you will.

Update (3): And here’s Houston Chronicle Astros beat writer Jake Kaplan. Astros general manager Jeff Luhnow says “nothing is imminent,” which could be true or entirely false.

Update (4): Never mind! Passan says no deal. This offseason is incredible.