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Pirates invite some guys named Kevin to spring training

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Pirates Prospects (sub. req’d) has a partial list of the Pirates’ non-roster invites to spring training. I say “partial” because this is an unofficial list at this point and is probably incomplete. The Pirates haven’t yet announced some of their minor league signings, for instance, and some of those guys will no doubt get invites.

The list at this point is as follows:

Christian Kelley, C
Kevin Newman, IF
Kevin Kramer, IF
Erich Weiss, IF
Eric Wood, IF
Todd Cunningham, OF
Tyler Eppler, RHP
Yeudy Garcia, RHP
Alex McRae, RHP
Montana DuRapau, RHP
Richard Rodriguez, RHP
Casey Sadler, RHP
John Stilson, RHP
Bo Schultz, RHP

Guys can get invites for a variety of reasons: they’re legit prospects, they’re veteran minor league depth guys, the team needs bodies (especially catchers). It’s good, though, to see players like DuRapau and Garcia get some time with the big leaguers.