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Pirates salary arbitration thread

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MLB: St. Louis Cardinals at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Your daily Gerrit Cole thread, with a twist! Today is the deadline for teams and players to exchange arbitration figures. It has added significance because all teams apparently are going to the file-and-trial practice, which means that once figures are exchanged, they won’t negotiate.* I’m not sure much is going to happen with the Pirates today, but I guess we’ll see. MLBTR had a thread up listing the players who’d agreed to terms yesterday and I assume they’ll do the same today. Yesterday’s list seemed kinda light given the number of players eligible for arbitration.

The Pirates eligible for arbitration, together with MLBTR’s usually pretty accurate projection:

Gerrit Cole: $7.5M
Jordy Mercer: $6.5M
Felipe Rivero (super two): $3.1M
George Kontos: $2.7M

*In the abstract, “file-and-trial” seems unnecessarily confrontational, but if you’ve ever done litigation, it makes more sense. The tendency in litigation is for people to wait until the eve of trial to get serious about settlement talks. It’s an incredibly inefficient practice, because you waste time and money preparing for trial, but people just can’t seem to confront the realities of litigation risk until the trial is right in front of them. If a front office has four or six or eight players eligible for arbitration, negotiating right down to the eve of the hearing while also preparing for the hearing would be extremely irritating and time-consuming.

UPDATE: The Pirates and Jordy Mercer have settled on a $6.75M salary.

And they’ve also agreed with Gerrit Cole, for the same amount as Mercer.

Finally, the Pirates settled with George Kontos at $2.725M. It appears they’ll go to a hearing only with Felipe Rivero. Rivero filed at $2.9M, the Pirates at $2.4M. Both figures are below MLBTR’s projection.