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Report: Andrew McCutchen traded to Giants

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Pittsburgh Pirates v Washington Nationals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Pirates and Giants have reached an agreement to a trade that would send Andrew McCutchen to San Francisco, Ken Rosenthal reports.

There is no word yet on the return headed to the Pirates.

More to come as the story develops.

UPDATE (WTM): RHP Kyle Crick is supposedly part of the deal.

Crick is a hard-throwing reliever with high K rates and poor control. If he’s the main piece in the trade, it’s basically a giveaway.

And now . . .

I am not amused.

And . . .

This obviously isn’t confirmed. Reynolds is the #5 prospect in a bottom-feeding system. He has a good hit tool but hasn’t hit for power and scouts don’t think he will without changing his swing. He plays some in center but is fringy there.

The return is in fact Reynolds:

After the poor return for Gerrit Cole, this is probably about what you’d expect for McCutchen. The larger question, of course, is whether it was worth trading the two at all.

And, finally . . .

Well, OK, there’s more. The Pirates will give up cash considerations, but will also get $500,000 in international bonus pool money from the Giants, which oddly is exactly what they gave up for Nick Burdi. Presumably they have a use for the money, but who knows.