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Andrew McCutchen Appreciation Thread

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Baltimore Orioles v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

I’m not sure this trade requires a whole lot of analysis (though you can certainly talk about that). If Andrew McCutchen wasn’t traded, he wasn’t coming back for 2019. Realistically, it was clear one year of McCutchen, coming off of two questionable seasons, wasn’t going to bring a whole lot back to Pittsburgh. It’s pretty cut and dry.

We’ve got an overflow, of feelings, though, and with good reason.

He brought pride back to the Pirates in a bad time. He experienced the lows — the 20-0 game, the collapses — and was integral to the highs — his 2013 National League MVP award was a nice consolation after the sting of the Pirates getting knocked out of the postseason. His energy was infectious.

And he appreciated Pittsburgh as much as Pittsburgh appreciated him. He’d tweet through Steelers games. He named his son Steel.

He was your kid’s favorite player. He was your favorite player, even if you were too cool to have a favorite player.

So give us your Cutch stories, your memories, your favorite games and moments. Head over to our FanPosts, too, if you’re so inclined.