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PODCAST: Tim Williams of Pirates Prospects breaks down the Cole and McCutchen Trades

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MLB: Baltimore Orioles at Pittsburgh Pirates Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hi Bucs Dugout! D.J. Gallo and I released another Pirates-centric episode of our podcast where we interviewed Tim Williams from Pirates Prospects about the Gerrit Cole and Andrew McCutchen trades, and asked what PRECISE level of murderous rage we should be feeling right now.

We also talk about the prospects the Pirates received, other prospects who might make an impact in 2018, and ask whether the Pirates will be contenders again sooner than people think:

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If you like the podcast, feel free to subscribe or leave us some iTunes reviews or comments! We rotate each episode talking about the Pirates, Penguins or Steelers, based on newsworthiness and/or how furious we are at a given team at the moment (we, uh, did two this week.)