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What I look forward to in 2018: Direction for the Pirates

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Pittsburgh Pirates vs. New York Mets

Pick one. Go for it or retool. I could live with either.

But I very much look forward to the Pirates choosing a direction. Whether it’s in January, June or perhaps even later, that’s going to happen in 2018. That’s a good thing.

It may not necessarily be fun, but it will be more telling than what’s gone on in the last year or two. Honestly, a rebuild would bring a little bit of closure, and with it, relief. So, that would be fine. Obviously, I’d be thrilled if the Pirates kept it together, came out on fire in 2018 and went for it. But we’re going to see more of one direction than the other, and I think we’ll be better off for that.

Neal Huntington doesn’t owe it to us to be a great source of offseason entertainment. I get that. Selfishly, though, I’m tired of being boring. I’m tired of saying, “I don’t know,” or “We’ll find out this season,” in every conversation about the Pirates. It’s bland. It’s honest, sure, but it’s also bland. It’s not always all that fun.

It appears that will change. Not everyone may like what the Pirates do, but a choice of direction — whatever that may be — is desperately needed, both for an organization hanging in the balance and a fanbase wondering just what’s happening.