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Pirates sign Dominican catching prospect

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Pirates Prospects reports (sub.req’d) that the Pirates have signed 16-year-old Dominican catching prospect Yeison Ceballo. A participant in the Dominican Prospect League, Ceballo appears to have good potential both at the plate and behind it. The amount of his bonus is unknown as of yet. The Pirates probably had a little under $2M left in their international signing pool, so it’s likely they still have over $1M. The Pirates also have been connected (sub. req’d) to Mexican catching prospect Fernando Diaz, although there’s no indication yet whether they’re likely to sign him. Hopefully, they’re addressing a position that could use a lot more depth in the system.

As the article points out, the Pirates have a lot of players under contract who are likely to be in the Dominican Summer League this summer and are still likely to sign more. Given the numbers, there’s a good chance that they’ll field two teams there, as many organizations do now and they did once a few years ago.