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Orioles acquire Engelb Vielma

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Minnesota Twins Photo Day Photo by Mike Stobe/Getty Images

This is becoming the most interesting saga of the off-season . . . well, discounting ones in which I have an emotional commitment. The O’s have now acquired Engelb Vielma for a PTBNL or cash. For some reason, every team in MLB wants to play a role in this melodrama. I just can’t explain it, so I’ve concluded it happens something like this:

Intern: Here’s the summary of today’s waiver moves, boss.

GM (perusing memo): Wait a minute, Bob. You’ve got a bogus entry here. There’s nobody named “Engelb Vielma.”

Intern: I swear there is, sir. He’s been on there three times in the last two weeks.

GM: No way you’re convincing me of that. Go ahead, see if you can claim him.

Two days later . . . .

Receptionist (on speaker to GM): There’s a Mr. Vielma here, sir. He says he’s here for his physical.

GM: Wtf? (Rushes to reception area.)

Ten minutes later . . . .

Intern: See, I told you.

GM: OK, smart ass. You made your point. Now put him back the #$@%! on waivers.