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It sure looks like fans want the Pirates to make trades

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St Louis Cardinals v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin K. Aller/Getty Images

You, intelligent, respected Bucs Dugout reader, certainly seem to want the Pirates to trade Josh Harrison.

The poll linked above resulted in a clean 70/30 split, 70 percent of respondents saying the time is right to trade Josh Harrison.

This MLB Trade Rumors poll, at the time of this writing, shows over 58 percent of respondents thing the Pirates should trade more than one of Andrew McCutchen, Gerrit Cole and Harrison. A little over 21 percent say they should wait and reassess the situation during the season.

I don’t know what the group voting at MLBTR is like, though I assume it’s not all (or even mostly) Pirates fans taking that poll. That group seems to answer similarly to the group here at Bucs Dugout, though, and I put more weight in our Harrison poll. Also, a few weeks ago you polled in favor of a full rebuild (47 percent, though that didn’t necessarily indicate trading Gerrit Cole to the Cubs, of all teams), with smaller, notable groups (22 percent each) going for sticking with the current core, and making limited moves.

Honestly, these results are a little surprising, at least from more of a generalist perspective. Trading stars is naturally going to be unpopular with a lot of people, and there will be loud voices in opposition to those trades. However, these polls, and, in general, the commenters on this site, interested in the longer-term well-being and competitiveness of the Pirates, seem to prefer to make the generally unpopular trades.