For your consideration: F.A. Target : Shortstop

With the completion of the 2018 season, it was apparent that one of the areas of concern for the Pirate's in 2019 will be the shortstop position. Another problem that needs to be addressed is the power output of the 2019 team. And I am realistic enough to know that the only Machado that we have a shot at is the one who's first name is Dixon, not Manny.So after studying the available free agents at this position, I present my affordable (by Pirate's standards) choices for an off season target. They are (from my first choice on down);

  1. Marwin Gonzalez. 2018 WAR 2.5. Gonzales will just turn 30 before the 2019 season starts. While not hitting much for average (at least in my mind) at .247, he had an OBP of .324, SLG of .409, OPS of .733 and a n OPS+ of 103. During the 2018 season he hit 16 home runs and he has the added value of being also able to play first base and left field.

  2. Freddy Galvis. 2018 WAR 2.3. Galvis will be 29 during the 2019 season. You don't expect much from the hitting side with Galvis putting up some less then stellar numbers such as a .248 BA, .299 OBP, .380 SLG, OPS of .680, and a OPS+ of 88. He did however hit 13 HR's showing he does have some power there, but his real value is in his fielding, something the Pirate's desperately need on that side of the field. He also has the additional flexibility to play second base.

  3. Jose Iglesias. 2018 WAR 2.2. Iglesias, like Galvis, will be 29 during the 2019 season. His offensive numbers are slightly better then Galvis as he put up a .269 BA, .310 OBP, .389 SLG, a .699 OPS and a 90 OPS+. He doesn't have the power of Galvis however, having hit only 5 HR's during the 2018 season. Also like Galvis, his biggest value comes in the form of his defense.He also has flexibility in the fact that besides shortstop, he can also play third base.

I would think that any of the above players could be signed for a 3/30 contract or lower, but I claim no real knowledge in just how much they could claim and that they would be an upgrade to our current murky status for 2019 at shortstop.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to your comments.

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