Should Marte Be Traded?

Marte is a 4 tool player. Great D, strong arm, steals bases, .286 BA, and averages 17 HRs per year. On the down side, he doesn't walk much, is a poor baserunner, doesn't always hustle, swings at alot of pitches out of the strike zone, and sometimes does not make easy plays in the OF. He is also the Pirates only "star" player right now.

Maybe now is the time to trade him. I think we might be able to get two strong prospects for him. The bigger question is what do we do about CF?

With the trade of Meadows, it is not clear who can give us good D in CF. My idea is to trade for Billy Hamilton. Yes, I said Billy Hamilton. I can see the look on your face, but let me explain. Yes Hamilton has no power and last year hit only .236. However he is an excellent defender, has a strong arm, and steals bases with ease. If the Bucs could get him to spray the ball more and get his BA up to .260 (which he did in 2016), I think he could give the Bucs good value. He is under team control until 2020.

My idea is that we get a real good CF prospect for Marte from a team who needs a CF now (Yankees?). We play Hamilton for two years (with platooning by Luplow/Frazier/Reyes) until we have the prospect ready (or maybe Jason Martin or Bryan Reynolds shows they can take over). Heck, maybe Swaggerty will be ready in 2 years.

Crazy or a possibility?

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