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Buccos Breakfast: Fan Post Fridays

Your chance to shine

Each Friday, Bucs Dugout will dedicate that day’s Bucco Breakfast to highlighting the best Pittsburgh Pirates fan community on the internet.

Welcome to Bucco Breakfast, a new daily morning feature designed to help you through the offseason. Each day we’ll roll out a quick topic designed to spark conversation as well as provide some interesting baseball reading from around the web.

Long before I started writing for Bucs Dugout, I was jealous of the community built up around the site. You guys and gals constantly impress me with your baseball smarts and thoughtful discussions, as well as some good zingers. Best Pittsburgh Pirates fans, hands down.

So let’s celebrate that.

Each Friday, Bucco Breakfast will reach down into our Fanposts section and pull the 2-3 best from the previous week. We’ll give you a teaser and link to the full post. Here we go.

Deal em while the market is high?

Reader zogger52 wonders if now is the time to trade Starling Marte.

Marte is a 4 tool player. Great D, strong arm, steals bases, .286 BA, and averages 17 HRs per year. On the down side, he doesn’t walk much, is a poor baserunner, doesn’t always hustle, swings at alot of pitches out of the strike zone, and sometimes does not make easy plays in the OF. He is also the Pirates only “star” player right now. Maybe now is the time to trade him.

That would be a bold move indeed. Click here for the full post.

Fill an important spot?

Long John Silver wonders how the Pittsburgh Pirates can fill an obvious need at shortstop.

With the completion of the 2018 season, it was apparent that one of the areas of concern for the Pirate’s in 2019 will be the shortstop position. Another problem that needs to be addressed is the power output of the 2019 team. And I am realistic enough to know that the only Machado that we have a shot at is the one who’s first name is Dixon, not Manny.So after studying the available free agents at this position, I present my affordable (by Pirate’s standards) choices for an off season target.

Check out his full list.

Finally, a reminder

Long John Silver actually gets two Fanpost links, though I wish he did not. This post reminds us the power that sports can have in our lives while simultaneously reminding us of what’s important.

Many people here did not know my son on this particular forum, as he often viewed, but never commented to any degree, but for those who visit other sites, he was a well known and liked person. His name was Keith Cromer...

Read the rest of Long John Silver’s story here. After you read it, please hug a loved one or, at least, tell them you love them. Thank you for sharing your story, LJS.

Fan Post Fridays can only succeed if you put this feature to good use! Click here to head to the Fan Post section and let your words fly!