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Bucco Breakfast: FanPost Friday

Highlighting the best Pittsburgh Pirates fan community on the Internet.

It’s been a couple weeks since the last FanPost Friday. Here’s what the community has been up to lately.

Crow’s Eye has been doing some fantastic work looking at minor league park factors to get a better feel for how players perform based stadium. You can read his original post here, and his two follow ups here and here.

The Pirates made out like bandits in Rule V drafts in the 1950s. Roberto Clemente was acquired this way, and he wasn’t the only big name they picked up. Long John Silver has more.

Daily Links:

Quick reminder: today is the non-tender deadline. Expect some news across the league today.

Speaking of news, Yahoo Sports’ Jeff Passan reported Thursday night that the Mets and Mariners are expected to complete the much talked about Robinson Cano deal Friday. For what it’s worth, he thinks the deal makes sense.

The Pirates aren’t the only NL Central team that has frustrated their fanbase these last few offseasons. The Cardinals problem is they don’t go with “Plan A,” opines FanGraphs’ Craig Edwards.

Did you ever want to listen to two guys reminisce about terrible Pirates teams while eating sandwiches? If you answered yes, have I got a mini-podcast for you.