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Buccos Breakfast: Fan Post Friday

Each Friday, Bucs Dugout will dedicate that day’s Bucco Breakfast to highlighting the best Pittsburgh Pirates fan community on the internet.

This is the best day of the week for Bucco Breakfast: the day I get to put my feet up and exploit highlight the work of the Bucs Dugout community. If you want to get in on this, get writing for next week!

Take Five

Long John Silver is taking a look at notable Rule 5 (V) picks in Pirates history. The first two are out, including a 25 game winner on a World Series winning team. To find out who it is, read the post here.

Name That Bucco

Torreys Tacos has a project where you can try to remember everyone who played for the Pirates this season. It sounds simple enough, but can you really remember every middle reliever the Bucs used in August?

Full disclosure: I couldn’t do it.

So if you think you’re better than me, here’s the link to Ethan’s post. Here, I’ll even help you out: Jameson Taillon played for the Pirates this season. 1 down, 47 to go.

Daily Links:

As for what’s going around the league...

Baseball America has listed all 520 minor league free agents. Happy hunting to my fellow armchair GMs!

Beyond The Boxscore has announced their Comeback Players of the Year and their Rookies of the Year.

Kiley McDaniel examines what a potential J.T. Realmuto deal would look like for eight teams.