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Bucco Breakfast Fan Post Fridays: Pirates Fans Steer the Show

Let’s give Pittsburgh Pirates fans a chance to clear the air after the Winter Meetings with another edition of Fan Post Fridays!

Welcome back to Fan Post Fridays, the Bucco Breakfast feature in which we give the floor to Pittsburgh Pirates fans from the best Pirates community on the internet a chance to shine.

Here now are the Fan Posts of the week. Get yours in for next week! Head over to the Fan Posts section and get to writing!

Zogger52 starts us off with an optimistic look at what he actually likes about the Pirates:

Sometimes we get caught up in all the drama and we don’t stop to reflect just what it is about the Pirates we like. Here is my list:

-Jameson Taillon: How can you not like this guy? Just never gives up. No adversity gets to him.....

RedRage97 asks what many have already asked...

Under McClatchy the franchise was in HORRIBLE shape. Their debt was getting to an area where the MLB would need to take action. Enter the Nutting family.

Bob was a minority owner then, but willing to extend a loan to the franchise. This loan allowed the team to conduct day to day business in 2003 and kept the MLB from intervening. That same year the Pirates made a number of moves to save some salary trading Aramis, Brian and Kenny saving the team a fair amount of money over the next few years. Opening day payroll from 2003 to 2004 dropped around 40%.

Crow’s Eye takes a look at Pirates Prospects ERA- and FIP-

As detailed in my post on Minor League Park Factors (which you can check out here), the Pirates AAA and AA affiliates play in pitcher-friendly parks, which means all park-adjusted numbers will look slightly worse than their raw numbers.

Here’s the ERA, ERA-, FIP, and FIP- numbers for the Pirates AAA pitchers. Please note that whereas higher wRC+ numbers are better, numbers below 100 for ERA- and FIP- are better (i.e. a 95 ERA- is an ERA that is 5% better than average, and a 105 ERA- is 5% worse than average.

Thank you everyone for your contributions! Keep em coming!

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