Shortstops not named Manny that could be options in free agency

MLB Winter Meetings are over and the Pirates didn't fill their biggest hole in short stop yet. While there has been some rumors the team has looked into or is interested in some trade options nothing substantial has come of it. Here are some of the remaining free agents that should be look at.

Asdrubal Cabrera pretty fair bat, not the best defender at short but passable. Also probably cost 7-10M/year on a multi year deal.

Alcides Escobar, generally good glove first guy but maybe starting to loose a step. Should be cheap on a 1-2 year deal.

Freddy Galvis, another glove first guy that may have lost a step, another one that should be cheaper on a shorter term deal.

Marwin Gonzalez, Utility guy who isn't a great short stop, but has had some good years with the bat. His cost may vary depending on how the teams view him. He does have the added benefit of having some experience at first.

Adeiny Hechavarria, one of the better fielding short stops around. His offenses, well isn't good, having never hit a .700 OPS in his career. He should be fairly cheap and already familiar with the team having spent a short time here last season.

Jose Iglesias, hes a pretty darn good defender with a pretty fair bat. He probably won't win any awards but is good. He'll probably be fairly expensive in the 8-10M and probably want two to three years to test the market again in his early 30s.

Troy Tulowitzki, a newer member to the list. Before the past couple seasons has been remarkable at the plate while being pretty darn good with the glove. But injuries and poor play have led to him being released. There is no doubt any team with a slight need at short is calling him right now to see if he can be a come back player of the year. Getting him a league minimum maybe the best deal of the year.

Jose Reyes, long time shortstop that might be at the end of the line, if he doesn't retire, he maybe worth a minor league deal just to see if his time is up, but not much more. My guess he takes a short deal with the Mets and retires after spring.. if not before. Only really mentioning because he was really good there for a time.

Jed Lowrie, not a very good short stop defensively, never really was. more of a second basemen where it hasn't as bad. His bat generally makes up for his problems though and would be a fair upgrade over all. He will be fairly expensive, anywhere between 10-15M depending on the length of a deal.

The only real problems with signing a glove first guy are that they may already have gotten one in Erik Gonzalez who has done rather well in limited time, but is still unproven. The other problem being is that they also need offense.

It is my opinion the Pirates should push hard for Jed and Troy at the same time then move to Iglesias after that move the rest. Any one they get though I would like no more than a three year deal so Tucker isn't totally blocked should things continue to look up for him but provides some insurance for 2020 if none of the young guys setup up.

Anyone else I have missed?

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