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Bucco Breakfast: Fan Post Friday

It’s your turn to take the stage in another installment of Fan Post Friday.

Welcome back to Fan Post Fridays, the Bucco Breakfast feature in which we give the floor to Pittsburgh Pirates fans from the best Pirates community on the internet a chance to shine.

Here now are the Fan Posts of the week. Get yours in for next week! Head over to the Fan Posts section and get to writing!

RedRage97 takes a look at shortstop options the Pirates should explore.

“While there has been some rumors the team has looked into or is interested in some trade options nothing substantial has come of it. Here are some of the remaining free agents that should be look at.”

#RTJR has another shortstop suggestion that RedRage97 did not list since it’s a bit out of left field.

“Could he be the answer for Pittsburgh’s hole at short? The simple answer is probably a succinct “no.” But I love to deal in hypotheticals. So let’s start w/ the first condition that he is available.”

IsIt2015Yet? waves a magic wand and describes their version of a perfect Pirates offseason.

“C’est la vie. I think this team wins the NL Central or makes it pretty darned interesting.”

And we’ll wrap this installment up with one more post from #RTJR, this time examining moves based on surplus and future value.

“I’m going to discuss potential moves that could still happen this offseason from a FV and a Surplus Value (SV) lens. Any trade ideas will be a max of 2-3 players for 1. I don’t like the idea of quantity over quality as I don’t think it’s that realistic.”

Daily Links:

Patrick Brennan of Beyond the Boxscore talks about the low risk, high upside signing of Jordan Lyles.

Roy Oswalt isn’t a Hall of Famer, but his career should still be celebrated.