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Changes at Bucs Dugout

Pittsburgh Pirates v San Francisco Giants

Hey there, everyone.

I will be stepping back from my position as a co-manager of Bucs Dugout, effective in the near future. I plan to stay with the site as a contributor.

Wilbur will be sticking around, roughly in the same position. SB Nation should have a posting for the vacant manager spot up soon.

Short story short: I couldn’t quite balance my responsibilities at the site with a separate full-time job, and I thought the site may have been lacking because of that. My hope, and expectation, is that the site will remain the wonderful nook of Pirates internet it’s always been, with more to offer our community members with someone else running the show.

I owe a great debt of gratitude to Wilbur for being around here all the damn time so flexible with his schedule and writing 99 percent of our offseason content and a ton in-season as well getting so much covered.

Like Salomon Torres, I was a little too exposed in the starting rotation, and I think a shift to the bullpen will do a lot of good.