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Report from Pirate City

The minor league exhibition schedule starts tomorrow, hence a bunch of the roster moves today. There was only some brief action at Pirate City this morning, in the form of some intrasquad action. It included appearances from three of the team’s top pitching prospects:

Mitch Keller, Shane Baz and Braeden Ogle warming up

Shane Baz is noticeably more muscular than he was last summer, which might be apparent from the photo of him up at the top.

Elvis Escobar seems to have come out of winter ball ready to go. He had an opposite field HR off Mitch Keller and a triple off Brandon Waddell.

Ji-Hwan Bae is, in fact, in camp, just a few days after signing. Of course, he sort-of already was with the Braves, although he never played in their system.

Ji-Hwan Bae
Mason Martin
Adrian Valerio
Deon Stafford
Conner Uselton