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The Bucs Dugout top 20 prospects

The final tally is in:

  1. Mitch Keller, RHP
  2. Austin Meadows, OF
  3. Shane Baz, RHP
  4. Colin Moran, 3B
  5. Cole Tucker, SS
  6. Ke’Bryan Hayes, 3B
  7. Kevin Newman, SS
  8. Nick Kingham, RHP
  9. Jordan Luplow, OF
  10. Taylor Hearn, LHP
  11. Bryan Reynolds, OF
  12. Kevin Kramer, 2B
  13. Lolo Sanchez, OF
  14. Max Moroff, IF
  15. Luis Escobar, RHP
  16. Oneil Cruz, 3B
  17. Jason Martin, OF
  18. Will Craig, 1B
  19. Mason Martin, 1B
  20. Clay Holmes, RHP

Honorable Mention: Nick Burdi, RHP; Steven Jennings, RHP; Sherten Apostel, 3B; Stephen Alemais, SS; Conner Uselton, OF.

FWIW, here’s my own top 20. Brian is planning to post a list of his own shortly.

  1. Mitch Keller, RHP
  2. Shane Baz, RHP
  3. Austin Meadows, OF
  4. Cole Tucker, SS
  5. Ke’Bryan Hayes, 3B
  6. Colin Moran, 3B
  7. Taylor Hearn, LHP
  8. Kevin Newman, SS
  9. Lolo Sanchez, OF
  10. Bryan Reynolds, OF
  11. Luis Escobar, RHP
  12. Jordan Luplow, OF
  13. Braeden Ogle, LHP
  14. Kevin Kramer, 2B
  15. Conner Uselton, OF
  16. Oneil Cruz, 3B
  17. Calvin Mitchell, OF
  18. Nick Kingham, RHP
  19. Nick Burdi, RHP
  20. Max Moroff, IF