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A few more photos from LECOM and Pirate City

There hasn’t been a great deal happening at Pirate City yet. A lot of the prospects hadn’t reported as of Friday, including most of the lowest level players. There was just a handful of the players who have yet to play above the Dominican Summer League. These included third baseman Sherten Apostel and catcher Samuel Inoa. Outfielder Jean Eusebio was also there. Unlike Apostel and Inoa, he’s played only one year in the DSL, so it probably says something that he was in camp early. He didn’t hit much in that first year, but then neither did Lolo Sanchez, or Starling Marte for that matter.

Sherten Apostel and Mason Martin
Fabricio Macias
Bligh Madris
Oneil Cruz
Jean Eusebio
Michael Feliz
Nick Kingham
Cole Tucker
Clay Holmes - The mountain man look is clearly winning the day with Pirates’ pitchers.
Austin Meadows
Toronto gets a Gift.