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Pirates sign South Korean shortstop

According to Pirates Prospects (sub. req’d), the Pirates have signed South Korean shortstop Ji-Hwan Bae. Bae was one of the players “freed” from the Atlanta Braves’ system due to violations of the international signing rules. From wikipedia (how many players who’ve never played a pro game have wikipedia entries?):

Bae had agreed to sign for $300,000, the Braves planned to pay him an additional $600,000 by reallocating money promised to other signees.

Bae will turn 19 in late July. He signed with the Braves in September 2017 and hasn’t played yet. Once his Atlanta contract was voided, he was ineligible to sign with a South Korean team for two years; there’s been some indication that he may have initiated litigation over the restriction. Bae is 6’1” and his primary tools appear to be speed and his hit tool.

P2 states that the Pirates have signed seven other international players as well.